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Breast Lift and Augmentation: Enhancing Breast Shape in Older Women

The three most common complaints women have as they age are: the appearance of wrinkles, loose skin, and sagging breasts. They realize that their bodies are changing as they age, some more dramatically than others. Women of all ages are all after that tight, firm and filled bustline. Most of the time breast augmentation can achieve that full and firm look, but what about the saggy and droopiness of the breasts? A breast lift can raise and reshape the breasts, and it can be performed together with a breast augmentation to provide the best results.

A breast lift with augmentation surgery is a popular Boston breast enhancement procedure at my plastic surgery practice. It combines the procedures of breast augmentation and breast lift into one session. Breast augmentation alone will not improve the sagging appearance of the breasts, but combined with a breast lift the breasts will be fuller and raised to provide full sexy cleavage. The implants and breast lift will be done from only one incision and require one to two hours of time for completion. By combining the procedures, you avoid having to go through 2 separate recovery periods, an extremely advantageous benefit for women wanting to demanding home and work lives.

A study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released earlier this year confirmed the safety and efficacy of the procedure for all adult women that are candidates for breast enhancement. The average age of women who took part in the study was 47, with the overwhelming majority of participants stating that they were happy with the results of their combination breast lift and breast augmentation procedure.

Candidates for breast lift and breast augmentation combination procedures:

Most women are unsure about which procedure is more suitable for the results they want, but a consultation with Dr. Davidson at his Boston area practice allows for a well thought out plan for a successful procedure. Healthy women with realistic expectations are considered to be the ideal candidates. Often times, women experience loss of breast volume simultaneously with drooping, issues that a breast lift alone cannot correct. A breast lift plus augmentation is suitable for women including those:

  • With small breasts and experiencing sagging
  • Who lost breast volume and experienced stretching due to pregnancy or weight loss
  • Who have always had sagging breasts
  • Who have one breast larger or sit higher than the other

What are the benefits of combining a breast lift and breast augmentation?

A breast lift performed with breast augmentation can sculpt the breasts into the size and shape that the patient desires. The firmness, corrected position and volume can all be achieved in the same procedure.

Most women above the age of 35 seek to restore their breasts due to their age, pregnancy or significant weight loss. Breast implants will achieve increased volume and shape, but the weight will make the sagging worse over time, especially as the skin loses its elasticity. Combining an augmentation with a breast lift will remove the excess skin from the breasts and support the existing tissue and the implants.

Achieving both goals in one session makes it more affordable and allows less total down time by having only 1 recovery period instead of 2. Instead of having multiple sessions at full price, one price and one surgery is completed. The patient will not have to recover from multiple procedures, and patients can return to work within a week to 10 days.

Women who are considering a breast lift with augmentation should make an appointment with Dr. Davidson. His staff is the most knowledgeable and helpful to their Boston residents. Women do not have to live with saggy or unproportional breasts for the rest of their lives. Dr. Davidson meets with his patients to understand their goals and exceeds their expectations. Give yourself a breast lift and breast augmentation to achieve the look you want. Grant your body a fuller, sexier and more youthful proportion today.

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