Brown spots called lentigos can develop on the skin for many reasons, ranging from a genetic predisposition to accumulated sun exposure. Although these lesions are typically benign, they can be cosmetic nuisances. The CryoPen is a relatively simple option for removing brown spots in our Wellesley office for people from Boston, Natick, Framingham, and throughout the western suburbs of Boston. Learn how we use it to help provide more even skin tone.

The Basics of CryoPen

The CryoPen is an effective option for removing brown spots in just 1 or 2 treatments. The CryoPen uses cryotherapy which is a time-tested technique for freezing cells. During a treatment, Dr. Davidson applies an ultra-cold jet of high-pressure nitrous oxide to the lesion using a small instrument that looks a bit like a writing pen. Each treatment takes only seconds and is completed with precision and minimal discomfort. There is no downtime after a cryotherapy (CryoPen) treatment.

The areas treated will form scabs and gradually peel off within 7 to 10 days of your appointment, leaving behind normal skin.

To maintain your results, we recommend using physician-strength, medical-grade skincare products to maintain and optimize your skin’s beauty.

One advantage of cryotherapy is that it is less expensive than laser resurfacing treatments. Women and men concerned about brown spots choose Dr. Davidson for their treatments. Please request your consultation online or call (781) 237-7700 today to schedule your CryoPen appointment.

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