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For a Youthful Face, Don’t Forget a Neck Lift: Answers to Your FAQs (Updated 2023)

The neck is often overlooked by men and women who want a more youthful look, though the area is one of the first and most prominent features to show signs of aging. This can be apparent due to increasing skin laxity and fat accumulation. A variety of nonsurgical treatments are available, each with its own …

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Plastic Surgery | Boston | Dr. Christopher Davidson

Neck Treatments Are Looking Up With Kybella® and More

Do you ever accidentally activate the front-facing camera on your phone and wince? While that angle isn’t flattering for anyone, men and women alike who are unhappy with the look of their neck and chin certainly don’t need an extra surprise that emphasizes their sagging skin, jowls, or double chin. While Dr. Christopher Davidson can’t …

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