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A symmetrical face is very important to most of us. A chiseled, refined look can go a long way. Men and women visit Dr. Christopher Davidson for chin implant surgery from Wellesley, Framingham, Natick, and the western suburbs of Boston as well as Providence, RI; southern New Hampshire; and southern Vermont for a variety of personal reasons. A chin implant, also known as mentoplasty, helps to balance the face and may be performed in conjunction with other facial procedures or as a part of facial reconstructive surgery. The chin may be enlarged and reshaped either by implant enhancement or reduced and refined by bone reduction surgery. Chin augmentation may be recommended to a patient who has undergone nose surgery so that better facial proportion may be achieved.

Reasons for Chin Implant Surgery:

  • Correct chin malformations resulting from bony developmental abnormalities in the jaw.
  • Reshape a chin not proportionate to other facial features.
  • Gender reassignment surgery.
  • Craniofacial reconstruction.
  • Orthognathic surgery. The facial bones are repositioned to correct deformities affecting a person’s ability to chew or speak normally.

The purpose of the chin implant may influence insurance coverage. Chin reshaping performed exclusively for improving personal appearance is generally not covered by insurance. However, if the procedure is performed as a reconstructive process after trauma, genetic deformity, or orthognathic surgery, it may be covered by insurance.

Chin Enhancement Procedures:

Chin augmentation: This is performed by inserting an implant under the chin or by a sliding genioplasty. The implant insertion may take 30 to 60 minutes, whereas a sliding genioplasty may take 45 to 90 minutes. If done in conjunction with orthognathic surgery, the whole process will take longer.

Chin reduction: This may be done by either a direct bony reduction or a sliding genioplasty. In a direct reduction, a submental or intraoral incision may be made to remove excess bone from the chin with a burr. In a sliding genioplasty, the bone segment is moved backward rather than forward.

The evaluation of a patient considering a chin implant may include a facial analysis along with a complete dental and medical history. Dr. Davidson may analyze the proportions of the face and compare features in each part of the face in order to determine the best type of implant for the individual’s unique structures.

The dental history and radiographic analysis of the head and jaw may be necessary to determine whether the facial disproportion may be corrected by a chin implant or if there is any need for orthognathic surgery.

The patient is expected to stop smoking and discontinue use of medications that contain aspirin or NSAIDs two weeks prior to chin implant Boston. If a submental incision is being planned, the patient should use an antibacterial facial cleanser two days before surgery.

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Dr. Christopher Davidson

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Chin Implant Recovery

The patient should have someone to drive them home after the chin enhancement procedure. They may be given medication for discomfort and an antibiotic course for a week to reduce the risk of infection. The patient may return to work in seven to 10 days and may be advised to have a soft or liquid diet for four to five days and rinse the mouth with hydrogen peroxide and warm water solution two to three times daily.

The results of chin implant may include improved facial symmetry and correction of disproportions.

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