Get Your Summer Body in the Winter

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Whether you’re considering a tropical vacation, attending a wedding, or even wowing your old friends at a high school reunion, you’re likely hoping to look your best this summer. If you’re thinking about plastic surgery here in Boston, the winter months can be the perfect time. Not only will winter’s heavy clothing and layers conceal any swelling and bruising during recovery, but your beautiful new results will be ready just in time for summer.

Additionally, the time between the winter holidays and spring’s arrival is something of a “sweet spot” for downtime. With parties and big events over and the kids back in school, many of my patients say they finally have a moment to breathe and refocus. What better time to make an investment in yourself?

Which procedures can help you get summer-ready? Think of the areas of your body that are most likely to see more exposure as the weather heats up: abdomen, breasts, and buttocks, typically. Additionally, some signs of aging, such as lower face or neck laxity, may be more evident once scarves and turtlenecks come off.

Depending on your aesthetic goals, you might want to considering the following:

Facelift: By smoothing and tightening the lower two-thirds of the face, a traditional facelift can improve many common signs of aging, including a loss of jawline definition and the development of jowls. Facelift incisions are made behind the hairline for maximum discretion.

Mommy makeover: The ultimate transformation, a mommy makeover combines several surgical procedures at the same time. Mommy makeovers are especially appealing because the surgery is customized to address multiple areas of specific concern. You also benefit from only having one surgery and one recovery period.

Liposuction: Performed with a long, thin tube, liposuction selectively removes fat from particular areas of the body. My liposuction techniques are effective in many locations, ranging from the abdomen and buttocks to the chin or ankles.

Neck lift: This procedure can be used as a complement to facelift surgery or on its own if your concerns are primarily limited to your neck.

Breast augmentation: If you’ve been eyeing summery low-cut tops or flirty sundresses, breast augmentation may be just the thing to bring out your feminine assets.

Tummy tuck: A flat, toned abdomen is the perfect look for a bikini. I place the incision as low as possible on the abdomen for incredible results and a scar that’s typically not visible in swimwear.

CoolSculpting®: For those who want to treat small, localized areas of fat, CoolSculpting is an effective, nonsurgical procedure that requires little to no downtime.

In metro Boston, we still have a bit of time before the spring’s warmth. These next few weeks are the perfect time to start the process of planning your summer body. My staff and I are your partners in looking your best throughout the entire year! Don’t hesitate to contact us at (781) 237-7700 to learn more about your options or even schedule your initial consultation.

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