Before, During & After Dermal Fillers: The Do’s and Don’ts You Should Know

Before, During & After Dermal Fillers: The Dos and Don'ts You Should Know

It can be both exciting and intimidating to try dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® for the first time at my Boston-area practice. While fillers are quick and minimally invasive, it’s normal to be apprehensive before your first appointment. To ease some of this worry, I’ve created a brief guide to the process, from preparation to recovery.

This blog will provide some guidance around what you should do (and not do) before, during, and after a dermal filler treatment to have the best possible experience.

Before Your Dermal Fillers Appointment


  • Plan ahead. Schedule your appointment a few weeks before any big events to give bruising or swelling plenty of time to subside.
  • Take arnica. Start taking a natural arnica supplement a few days before your appointment to discourage bruising.
  • Research providers. Choosing the right injector is key. Check for strong credentials, great before-and-after photos, and positive real patient reviews.


  • Drink alcohol 48 hours before. It’s best not to consume alcohol for 48 hours before your appointment. Alcohol thins your blood and raises the likelihood of bruising.
  • Take aspirin 2 weeks before. Aspirin and other blood-thinning supplements may also cause bruising or bleeding, so it’s best to avoid them during this time.

During Your Dermal Fillers Appointment


  • Ask questions as they arise. Your injector is there to help, so don’t hesitate to voice any concerns or raise questions about your treatment, the products used, and so on.
  • Speak up about any discomfort. Most fillers are mixed with an anesthetic called lidocaine to enhance your comfort. If you feel uncomfortable, though, let your provider know. He or she may be able to help minimize discomfort by using a topical anesthetic or adjusting the speed of the treatment.
  • Be ready for makeup to come off. It’s best to arrive with a makeup-free and clean face. If you do arrive with makeup, we’ll need to remove it to make sure the treated areas can be sterilized.


  • Go overboard the first time. It’s better to start with a conservative amount of volume and gradually build it up at your subsequent appointments. Precision and subtlety are among the biggest benefits of dermal fillers. Learn about more of their advantages in my previous blog post.

After Your Dermal Fillers Appointment


  • Take Tylenol to ease discomfort. You may feel some soreness for the next day or so, but Tylenol should easily relieve this.
  • Gently apply an ice pack to reduce swelling. Avoid putting too much pressure on the treated area, as this can distort your results.
  • Feel free to resume most daily activities. Dermal fillers are known as a “lunch break” procedures, meaning you’ll be able to return to work, school, and most other usual responsibilities right away.


  • Exercise or drink alcohol that day. Thinning your blood or elevating your blood pressure may encourage bruising or alter your results.

To see examples of the dermal filler results you can expect at my practice, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to learn more about making the most of your dermal fillers experience here in the Boston area, please contact us online or call (781) 237-7700.

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