Boston Neck Lift – Platysmaplasty Surgery Specialist


With the exception of identical twins, no two faces are alike. And even identical twins will have faces that age differently. You smile. You frown. Gravity exerts its effects and as the years pass, changes occur: skin becomes looser and wrinkles become more pronounced, the jaw line loses its sharp definition, and the tissues of the neck sag. If you have been noticing more of these aging effects in your own face, perhaps it is time to consider a face lift which is used to rejuvenate an aging face and neck. For the best overall effect, many men and women also choose to combine a face lift with other procedures such as eyelid surgery or skin resurfacing.

Subtlety is a key to a successful face lift. After your surgery, you want others to wonder where you went for the vacation that gave you such a “rested” look. Creating that natural effect with his surgical skills is one of Dr. Davidson’s gifts as a surgeon.

Facelift Procedure

There is no standard facelift. Instead, Dr. Davidson will design the procedure to adapt to your specific aging problems and goals. The incision varies according to your needs, but can often be placed in such a way that it is virtually unnoticeable. For some people, a short-scar or mini-facelift is an option that will result in a more subtle effect. The result you see can often be improved by tightening the muscles in your neck (often through a small incision hidden in a crease below the chin) and by lifting the supporting tissues within your face.

Facelift Recovery

In the first 48 hours after surgery, you should do as little as possible in order to diminish the risk of bleeding and/or bruising. This is very important. You should also sleep with your head elevated on two pillows to decrease swelling. On the second or third day after surgery, the dressing and drainage tube can be removed. Timing for removing your sutures will depend on your particular procedure.

Rest is also very important. Although you can be up and about by the second day, you should rest as much as possible and avoid strenuous exercise for the first two weeks. It is also important to avoid sun exposure for the first several months.