All About Tummy Tuck Scars

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A tummy tuck can be a valuable cosmetic surgery technique that can remove extra skin that sags in the abdominal area after significant weight loss or multiple pregnancies. Skin that has been stretched too often over too large an area will lose elasticity over time and can sag in an unattractive way over the abdomen causing embarrassment and self consciousness about one’s body.

In a tummy tuck procedure, an incision is made from hip to hip across the abdomen, excess fat and skin is removed and the internal tissues are reattached deep within the abdomen to keep the remaining skin in the new position. As with any incision in the skin, there is a scar left from tummy tuck surgery that can have devastating psychological effects if the surgery is not done well and the scar is very prominent, in too high a position or is in some way much more unsightly than what is expected for this procedure.

It is advisable to talk at length with your plastic surgeon about your expectations for your scar. You can bring in a swimsuit that is typical of attire that you want to be able to wear post surgery.  Your surgeon can tell you if it is realistic to have a scar that your suit style will be able to hide. He can tailor his pre-surgery marks and where he will make his cut to accommodate the desired placement of the scar but it has to be understood that there are no guarantees. The scar left after tummy tuck surgery will always migrate upwards to a point but will vary in different individuals as to how much. Ask to see before and after pictures of procedures  that your surgeon has performed so you can see what is typical of his work.

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