Is Texting the New Key to Weight Loss?

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We all know the culprits of people too busy to pay attention to the world around them because they are glued to their phone. A new study shows that texting can help people shed poundage, but not in the way that you may think.

The study, recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research by Duke University researchers, found that people who used text messages to track diet and exercise habits helped people stay committed to their weight loss goals.

Duke researchers found 26 obese women to use daily texting as part of the Shape Plan weight loss intervention, and as a group they lost up to three pounds, in six months. Another group of 24 women used traditional methods of weight loss and tracking, and results showed they gained about 2.5 pounds.

Texting Away the Fat

The group of texters received and responded to an automated system daily. Tracking their daily source of food intake, the number of steps, the amount of sugary drinks and if they had consumed fast food. Participants responded to the text, and the automated system would send back personalized feedback and tips. It was that simple.

Compared to other self-monitoring methods texting offered several advantages for enhanced results from the study. Researchers found that their automated service provided:

  • Data in texting is entered quickly
  • Nearly all mobile devices have access
  • Personalized feedback
  • Fully portable system

Past studies of traditional monitoring was poor and required more attention to detail. Some people did not possess extensive literacy skills required to respond to their tracker, they were unavailable to follow the extensive labor and overall lacked motivation to respond thoroughly.

About half of the participants in the study texted everyday throughout the 6-month program, and over 80 percent texted at least two days a week. As a whole, all found the system quick and easy to use.

Climbing Over the Mountain

The challenge in weight loss is the ability to keep the weight off for long-term results. Many steps can be taken to help men and women achieve their goals, and Dr. Davidson is up to the challenge to help you achieve your goals. Complementing your weight loss progress with a tummy tuck is capable of reducing the excessive fat from your belly where diet and exercise are resistant.

Texting your way to weight loss may be the new tool to weight loss, but for now there is no substitute to healthy diet and exercise. Keeping to your overall weight loss goal takes patience and time. The last bit of body fat unresponsive to diet and physical activity can be removed through tummy tuck. For more information about how to achieve your weight loss goals, visit Dr. Davidson for expert treatment.

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