Safe Travel Tips for After Surgery

Plastic surgery continues to become more and more popular in modern society, making an enormous amount of information available to people all over the world. Patients are now able to research procedures and doctors without ever scheduling an appointment. One of the results of this rising trend is that patients are choosing doctors who are not local and subsequently have to incorporate travel arrangements into their plans for plastic surgery. Traveling can be potentially dangerous for surgery patients, but with good preparation and a little extra caution, you can get home safely.

Choosing Your Travel Method

Flying is statistically the safest form of travel, but it can be dangerous for post-surgery patients. People recovering from any kind of operation are more susceptible to infection and there is a serious risk of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Being trapped in a small enclosed space with dozens of other passengers where the air is recycled and mobility is limited makes your body vulnerable. Patients may also be prone to swelling or bleeding due to the air pressure changes in the plane cabin. This can increase your level of pain and discomfort, which can make a long flight feel even longer.

Patients can lower their risks when they fly by being proactive. When you’re booking your flight tickets, pick a seat that is near the wings to get the smoothest ride. An aisle, bulkhead, or exit row seat is also a good choice because they give you a little more room. You can also reduce your risk of complications by staying hydrated and moving around a little before boarding the plane. Doing so will keep your blood moving so that clots can’t form easily.

While flying may not be the best option for you, there are other ways to make it home. If your doctor is close enough, trains and cars are slightly safer and carry less travel restrictions. They are also more flexible than air travel in case you are able to go home sooner or just need to change your departure date.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Surgeons will recommend that you arrive in town at least a couple days before surgery and stay for at least a week after surgery. They want you to have plenty of time to rest so you can prepare for surgery and get through the initial recovery without the stress of travel. Plus, they also want to you to be close by in case you have to come to them for any issues or concerns.

You should try to be flexible with yourself, too. If you don’t feel up to going home after recovering for a week, see if you can arrange to stay an extra week. The most important thing is your health and safety. Use that sick time or holiday time from work so you aren’t rushing back into a normal routine before your body is ready.

Bring a Travel Companion

Most surgeons will also recommend that you have someone with you before your surgery even starts, just to provide emotional support throughout the entire process. This same person can be there to keep an eye on you and help you out during your travels. Remember that you will already be uncomfortable, in pain, and just not feeling like yourself. Having a friend or loved one with you to make things easier will do wonders for your emotional and mental well-being.

Share With Your Doctor

Doctors don’t stop treating their patients once they leave the operating room. They will want to know how your recovery is progressing once you get home, so be sure to call them if you have any worries or problems that you think they should be aware of. Even if they can’t treat or examine you themselves, they will still be able to find you a local doctor so you can get help. You should also advise your doctor of your travel plans and accommodations so they can be aware of your movements and give you any advice or helpful tips.

Christopher J. Davidson Plastic Surgery

Even though his office is located in Boston, Dr. Christopher J. Davidson sees patients from all over. He and our office staff are more than ready to provide information to patients on hotels and other types of accommodations in the area. Our office is also near Boston’s Logan International airport, making it easy for those patients who are flying to get to and from the office. Dr. Davidson also conducts phone and email consultations, eliminating the need for you to travel more than is necessary.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of our surgical and nonsurgical procedures, contact us through our Patient Contact Page or by calling us at (781) 237-7700. We can give you some good, general information about our facility, our procedures, and Dr. Davidson, plus we can schedule you an initial consultation with our Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon. Contact us today to learn more!

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