Gynecomastia Correction: Recovery and After-Care

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Gynecomastia correction is a simple and safe procedure in the hands of an expert plastic surgeon. As we often tell our gynecomastia male breast surgery patients in Boston, however, patient involvement and co-operation are essential for the best results and complete recovery. Your surgeon will give you a detailed recovery schedule which is important for you to follow, beginning from immediately after the surgery.

Before you go in for the surgery, make sure that that there will be someone to drive you home, and be around to help you with personal care and small chores for the next couple of days. You are likely to encounter some amount of discomfort and pain on account of the surgery, and it is best to avoid strain of any kind.

You are encouraged to walk around, however, from the day of the surgery, and to keep active. Returning to work is usually possible in a couple of days, though you might want to take a little more time off. Sutures are usually removed within one or two weeks. You are likely to be advised to abstain from sex for a week or two, and from heavy exercise –  or any sport or task where you might risk a blow to the chest – for three to four weeks. In most cases, you should be able to resume normal activity after one month. It is important to remember that if at any time after the procedure you experience symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain or unusual heartbeats, you need to report to your surgeon immediately, as this might need to be treated.

Immediately after the surgery, your chest is likely to be bandaged to keep the skin in place. You will also be required to wear an elastic pressure vest constantly for a month after surgery, and only at night for a couple of weeks longer. The pressure vest serves to reduce swelling which will occur after the surgery. Most of the swelling will subside after the first couple of weeks, but the real effect of the surgery in terms of your new body contour will be visible only after three months. In some cases, though, it might take a bit longer.

You might also need to resist the impulse to show off your new, manly chest by taking off your shirt at the beach – it is important to remember that surgical scars should not be exposed to sunlight for at least six months, as this can cause the scar to turn permanently dark.

Recovery and post-surgery care after gynecomastia correction is simple and easy-to-follow. Just pay attention to your surgeon’s instructions and follow his advice, and you are likely to get the kind of results that make you feel attractive, confident and proud of your body.

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