Damaged Ear Lobes Can Be Easily Fixed With Repair Surgery

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One of the more popular body modification trends on the rise is the ear plug (also called a gauge). People from college students to punk rockers are stretching their ear lobes, and the plug options are far and wide. Some people only stretch their lobes by a couple millimeters while others go for 30 mm or greater. As with other body modification procedures, it may be necessary to reconstruct those damaged ear lobes in the future for a career, health, or simply to change the person’s appearance.

If you’re wondering how ear lobe surgery works, keep reading to learn more from an experienced plastic surgeon in Boston.

The Surgery

Ear lobe repair surgery can fix lobes that are stretched, torn, or have benign scar tissue growths (also known as keloid scarring). Even patients who don’t use ear plugs can benefit from the procedure. Ear lobes come in all shapes and sizes and are made up of skin and a small amount of fatty tissue. The skin becomes looser and sags with age, making it more susceptible to tears from excessive weight or trauma.

Fortunately, ear lobe repairs are simple to perform and generally can be done in less than an hour. People who tear earring holes or reach the “point of no return” in stretching their lobes with ear plugs are common patients. To fix a tear, the doctor will remove any scar tissue or healed skin leftover from the rip and then suture the tear closed so it can heal properly. Stretched lobes can be repaired by removing the excess tissue and suturing the lobe back together in a normal shape and size.

The Recovery

Ear lobe repair surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and has a very minimal recovery. Sutures can be removed after one week. Patients who wish to re-pierce their ears should wait a few more weeks after the sutures are removed to ensure that the ear lobe is completely healed. Any new piercings should be placed adjacent to the old piercing location to prevent a tear in the same location. Heavy or especially large earrings should also be avoided.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Christopher Davidson is a Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon from Santa Barbara, CA, with a private practice in Wellesley, MA. He is well-known in the community by patients and other doctors for achieving natural-looking results. Dr. Davidson performs a wide variety of procedures, everything from ear lobe repairs to cosmetic lifts to breast augmentations. Most of the outpatient procedures can be conducted at his certified, state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery office and other surgical procedures can be done at local hospitals.

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If you are interested in finding out more about how ear lobe repair surgery can help you, call our office at (781) 237-7000 to schedule a patient consultation. You can also leave any questions on our Patient Contact page and get a personalized response from our staff and Dr. Davidson. During your consultation, you’ll be able to discuss any procedure you’re considering and ask as many questions as you have. Contact our office for more information today!

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