Breast Augmentation Revision: No Need to Worry

Breast Augmentation Revision: No Need to Worry

Most women who get breast implants are happy with their results. On the RealSelf website, 98% of actual patients say breast augmentation is “worth it,” which reflects what I hear from my breast augmentation patients in Boston. At some point, however, many women need breast augmentation revision surgery, and I make sure patients understand that this is a natural part of the journey when they get breast implants.

The reasons for breast augmentation revision surgery vary. Some women choose to exchange older implants, some wish to correct complications, and some just want to change the size of their implants. One of the most common reasons for exchanging implants is that the patient wants bigger implants.

In this blog post, I’ll explore the opportunities patients have during their revision surgery.

A Common Procedure

Breast augmentation revision is a procedure that many patients experience. Even though implants don’t actually “expire,” the lifespan of these devices is typically between 10 to 20 years. The implants chosen by patients today are quite different from those used 10 years ago, thanks to significant technological advances. One study found that up to 20% of women choose to have their implants replaced within 8 to 10 years.

More Advanced Options

Women getting revision surgery have the chance to select implants that might be more advanced than those they currently have. Many women like to exchange their existing, older breast implants for a newer model. This is especially common among patients who have saline implants and wish to make the switch to cohesive silicone gel. These gel implants, which vary in the cohesiveness of the silicone gel filler, are used to create a more natural-looking appearance and feel.

Update Your Look

Women undergo breast augmentation at various points in their lives. But as time passes, a person’s style and taste may change. During revision surgery, you have the opportunity to update your appearance. For many women, what they wanted in their 20s may not be what they want in their 40s. Lifestyles also change, including physical activities. Some women who got breast implants in their 20s may have taken up running more recently and feel that smaller implants may be more comfortable.

You also have the option of combining revision with other surgeries. Many patients add procedures such as a breast lift to restore breast shape and gain a more youthful appearance.

If you are only replacing implants, I typically use the same incision locations that were used in the initial augmentation procedure. This technique prevents additional scarring and helps incisions heal cleanly.

It is important to remember that breast augmentation revision surgery requires an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. While it can provide flattering, satisfying results, it is a more complicated procedure than the primary surgery. Scar tissue, stretched skin, and adjusted chest anatomy all play a part in what your surgeon must prepare for.

To get an idea of what actual results look like, you can browse our before-and-after gallery to see some of my actual implant revision patients. If you’re considering breast augmentation revision surgery to fit your needs best, and you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in Boston, contact us using the online form or call our practice at (781) 237-7700.

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  • Lisa Kriss-Smith says:

    Davidson Team: Just to touch base with you, it is still on my agenda to have my ; rupture, replace & renew.
    Right breast ruptured on 4-29-2019 on a workman’s comp situation. Court have declared liability to the employee’s insurer. I realize you don’t work via insurance companies, however the courts are requesting consideration on this case. It has. been since April the accident occurred and it is now January and I am in a great deal of pain and falling into a dark hole of depression and non social. I am not myself at all.
    My Primary has given me clearance for surgery. I will reaching out soon to meet with Dr. Davidson shortly

    • cjd-admin says:

      Thank you very much for reaching out and am always available to assist as needed. With best regards. – Dr. Christopher Davidson

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