Could Breast Augmentation Improve Your Sex Life?

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Big breasts often catch men’s attention, but bigger breasts can also leave a woman more satisfied with her sex life. New research shows that following breast augmentation, women feel a boost in arousal and sexual satisfaction. What is the secret behind the bust? Self confidence is a big deal in women when it comes to achieving a pleasurable sex life, so when her partner expresses interest in her body, she in turn feels aroused by the increased interest. Breasts that are too small often make women feel self-conscious in public as well as in the bedroom, but with a bigger bust women can be confident and enjoy their sexual encounters.

Breast augmentation is currently the most popular cosmetic surgery at my Boston plastic surgery practice and in the United States. It gives women the ability to enhance the size, shape and proportion of their breasts. The procedure has the ability to provide women with a full bust size that matches her body type and makes their body appear youthfully attractive. A board certified plastic surgeon can determine the maximum size of implant that meets a patient’s desires and execute a procedure that achieves successful enhancement. In turn, women can experience and increase their sexual desires, and enjoy better sex.

Sexual Satisfaction from Increase in Confidence?

Psychology professor Tomi-Ann Roberts of Colorado College, said that it is not the body confidence, but the feeling of the effort that women put into themselves allows them to achieve better sex following breast augmentation.

A study by Brazilian researchers tracked the satisfaction rates of 45 women following breast augmentation and 80 percent reported improved levels in sexual satisfaction and arousal four months and 18 months after the procedure, respectively.

Roberts also noted that heterosexual women are sensitive when it comes to pleasing their partner and with breasts that please their partners, women feel more sexually attractive.

Health Benefits of Sex

There are more benefits women can achieve with a healthy and fulfilling sex life. There are a lot of things to look forward to besides getting intimate with you lover. A healthy sex life allows health benefits including:

  • Less stress
  • Improved immunity
  • Burns calories
  • Improves heart health
  • Increases self esteem
  • Achieve deeper intimacy with partner
  • Stronger pelvic floor
  • Better sleep

Sexual Well Being Increases after Breast Augmentation

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, their study about women and breast augmentation reported that women are satisfied and have an improved quality of life, as well as express an increase in sexual and psychosocial well-being following surgery. Breast augmentation goes beyond improvement in breast appearance and displays more positive effects in women than they expected.

Breast augmentation gives women the confidence they desire in the bedroom, as well as everyday life. Women considering breast implants, can spice up their sex life and achieve mutual sexual satisfaction with their partner. Explore your options with breast augmentation and request a consultation online or call (781) 237-7700 to meet with board-certified, Dr. Christopher Davidson in Boston.

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