Body Lifts Provide Contouring to Your Whole Figure

What Body Lifts Can Do for Your Figure

A cosmetic “lift” is a term you hear a lot when exploring the world of plastic surgery. It seems that everything from your eyes to your butt can be lifted these days. So, what exactly does a “lift” do? Generally speaking, a lift is term that describes tightening and contouring the skin and underlying muscles. The procedure can be applied … Read More

Breast Reductions on the Rise for Women

Are You Thinking About a Breast Reduction?

Popular culture often puts value on one type of female form. Every week in the tabloids and magazines, you see a celebrity and/or model showing off their bodies in bathing suits. Women with small figures and large breasts are typically highlighted. It’s a common perception that large breasts are an asset for women, shown off with skin-tight dresses and low-cut … Read More