Tummy Tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck, sometimes referred to as abdominoplasty, is a procedure in which excess fat and skin are removed from the abdomen. Weak or separated abdominal muscles are often tightened as well. The result is a smoother, firmer appearance to the abdomen. The surgery is often done on women who have lost skin elasticity and muscle tone due to pregnancy. … Read More

How Botox Is Used

Botox has been used for many years to treat unwanted wrinkles and is a simple medical procedure that can be performed in less than 30 minutes.  The beauty of Botox is that it can enhance your appearance without surgery. Botox works on wrinkles caused by muscle movement.  When Botox is injected into a facial muscle, it blocks the release of … Read More

Liposuction: An Overview

Liposuction is the removal of fat deposits beneath the skin using a cannula and vacuum, and is performed under either local or general anesthesia. This technique can greatly improve fat folds in the bra strap area, abdomen, back, neck, arms and thighs.  The skin after recovery from liposuction appears smooth and natural. Scarring is minimal and fades over time. Good … Read More

Gynecomastia Correction: Recovery and After-Care

Gynecomastia correction is a simple and safe procedure in the hands of an expert plastic surgeon. For best results from the surgery and for complete recovery, however, your involvement and co-operation is essential. Your surgeon will give you a detailed recovery schedule which is important for you to follow, beginning from immediately after the surgery. Before you go in for … Read More

Dysport: The New Botox?

Dysport is the new product available for those seeking to banish unwanted wrinkles.  With FDA approval in April 2009, and a safety record of more than a decade in Europe, it offers an alternative treatment to Botox.  This good news means patients now have a choice of anti-wrinkle treatments.  So, what are the differences between the two? Botox is the … Read More

Breast Augmentation – Part 2

The three incision sites for breast augmentation are transaxillary, inframammary and periarteriolar.  Each will be discussed in turn. Transaxillary incision sites are located in the armpit (axillary area) thus breast implants are inserted through the armpit and via a channel created by the surgeon into the breast.  This requires no incisions to be made in the breast tissue and thus … Read More

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is something that should be thoroughly researched and well thought out. It can be done for many reasons and can change not only one’s appearance, it can also help with self-confidence. Choosing the right plastic surgeon will make the process much easier. The first step to getting the results that you desire is to do research. Finding … Read More

Gynecomastia Correction: Breast Reduction Surgery for Men

Gynecomastia, the condition of enlarged breasts in males, is a widely occurring problem that affects over half the male population in the United States. While this is a common occurrence in teenage boys, the condition often disappears by adulthood and is not a cause of concern. Gynecomastia in adult men or older teenagers, however, though mostly benign and medically non-threatening, … Read More

Are you Ready for Liposuction?

The next time you try on a new bathing suit and it fits fine but just doesn’t look right or feel comfortable, resist the urge to beat yourself up.  You may very well be engaged in a losing battle with your body’s own gene pool and liposuction may be the secret weapon you’ve been seeking! Liposuction is currently the most … Read More