Reshape and Rejuvenate Your Droopy, Split Earlobes

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Saggy and droopy earlobes can be a distasteful feature to live with. You were really young when you got your earrings because your parents decided you could use some more color to bring out that smile right? Then when you grew older you may have touched up on ear gauging. It started out as a small stud but you gradually progressed into larger and larger plugs. The end result left you with earlobes so big that you could fit a quarter through the hole effortlessly. If that was not one of your many talents then maybe you were not a rebellious teenager after all, but you get the idea. Now that time has progressed you are looking for an option to address these unwanted gaps in your ear, fortunately earlobe repair cosmetic surgery at our Boston practice is here to help.

Common Reasons for Repair

Many patients search for a solution to their dangling earlobes, and there are plenty of reasons why they choose to undergo surgery with Dr. Davidson in Boston. The reality is that our earlobes go through loss of volume and stretch down as we grow older, no matter how  sensitive we are with them. Years of wearing heavy earrings or plug earrings adds on more to the unwanted stretching. Heavy earrings can also cause an even bigger problem if someone pulls on the earring and splits the earlobe apart, then your skin is likely to be infected and refuse to grow back together. You can try and live with this all you want but when it comes time to interview for that job you wanted, you may not have left a great impression because of your dangling earlobes.

Earlobe Correction

Generally, earlobe repair is quick and simple. The patient may be given a local anesthetic, and Dr. Davidson may make slight incisions to eliminate excess skin and connect the separated pieces back together with sutures. The incisions made are strategically placed in an area that is not obvious, so that they blend naturally with the skin folds of the ear.

Say hello to your natural earlobes. After Dr. Davidson completes the repair, you will be able to see the results for yourself. Recovery time is typically brief and in two weeks time Dr. Davidson will remove the sutures. So if you are tired of wearing earmuffs all year long to hide those droopy or split earlobes, then schedule a consultation for earlobe repair today.

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