Plastic Surgery Is Just the Beginning

When it comes to plastic surgery, Boston-area plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Davidson is always looking for ways to maximize his patients’ results, including enlisting those patients themselves in the effort to promote an ideal outcome.

There are several things patients can do to give their cosmetic changes a boost after getting plastic surgery, and many of them involve properly caring for their skin.

• Ultraviolet radiation damages skin, and can particularly impact the scars that form as incisions heal, making them redder and more pronounced. Post-surgical advice includes staying out of sunlight and away from tanning beds. Patients can stay indoors (easier to do as the weather turns colder), cover up when venturing outside, and always wear sunscreen, properly applied.

• Healing takes a lot out of a person, metaphorically and literally. Two of the best things a patient can do after plastic surgery is get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water. Sleep boosts the immune system and repair efforts, while proper hydration encourages skin health and elasticity.

• Nicotine in the system can hinder oxygen from getting where it needs to go, so avoiding smoking throughout the post-plastic surgery window will help incisions to close and scars to appear as minimal as possible.

• Cosmetic help in the form of maintenance treatments provides a boost from outside the body. The Clear + Brilliant laser, recently added to Dr. Davidson’s menu of services, uses precision-focused heat energy to stimulate natural healing processes, and a following infusion of vitamins and other beneficial elements further encourages radiance and rejuvenation.

• Plastic surgery and aesthetics are Dr. Davidson’s focus. His education and experience in the field allow him to approach each patient as an individual seeking unique results. To that end, his post-plastic-surgery care advice is built on years of practical work and a desire for his patients to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Anyone with questions about plastic surgery or how to get the most out of their results can contact Dr. Christopher Davidson’s Boston-area practice online or call (781) 237-7700 to learn more.

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