Meet the Newest Dermal Filler in Boston: Volbella®

Though the FDA approved Volbella® in June 2016 for treating wrinkles around the mouth and adding volume to make lips fuller and rounder, the newest member of the Juvederm® family wasn’t available for use until the fall, and only started to pick up steam as patients grew aware of it into the winter. When it comes to dermal fillers like Volbella®, Boston-area plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Davidson adds them to his menu of services only if they offer results that will be both beneficial and safe for the women and men who trust him with their cosmetic needs.

Like all products made by Allergan (the manufacturer behind BOTOX® and Natrelle® breast implants), Volbella® underwent rigorous studies, testing, and trials before it arrived in Dr. Davidson’s office.

Allergan reported that among the multiple clinical trials was a pivotal study in the United States (Volbella® has been available elsewhere in the world for years) that included 168 test subjects who rated the injectable for its ability to boost their lip fullness and smooth out wrinkles around their mouths. About two-thirds of the participants saw a visual improvement that lasted through one year, with minimal side effects that typically resolved within a month of the treatment session.

The filler is made with specially cross-linked hyaluronic acid to give it a smooth texture that leads to subtle results ideal for patients who want a natural-looking lip enhancement—not a dramatic and puffy augmentation. The idea is to look refreshed, not “worked on.”

Find out more about what this new injectable could mean for your smile. Bring questions about Volbella® to Boston-area plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Davidson by calling (781) 237-7700.

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