Experts Expect Liposuction Will Continue to Grow in Popularity Around the World

A recent market report (no longer available online) forecasts that more people all over the world are choosing—and will increasingly continue to opt for—liposuction. Boston-area plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher J. Davidson remains committed to ensuring the increasingly popular procedure is a safe and effective one, taking both a scientific and an artistic approach to body sculpting. His aim is to help his patients achieve a balanced, contoured aesthetic using the best and safest method possible to get there.

Liposuction, sometimes called lipoplasty—or simply lipo—is a highly effective body contouring procedure that can define and chisel the body by suctioning away stubborn, unwanted pockets of fat with a thin tube attached to a vacuum device. With a variety of lipo techniques and machinery, surgeons can target almost any specific area on the body for fat deposit removal.

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. It is most suitable for individuals who are at or near their ideal weight, but have isolated locations with fat that resist diet and exercise.

The number of fat cells in each person’s body is generally fixed at birth, meaning no more usually develop. The exception to this is an adult gaining a significant amount of weight—as in greater than 10 percent. The body is also quick to replace cells that die naturally. Kristy Spalding, a fat researcher responsible for this discovery, has said to Quartz that this phenomenon makes it challenging to keep fat off even after you’ve lost weight: “If you can’t get rid of these cells, you’re just going to have these cells sitting there, constantly saying they want to be bigger.”

While healthy eating and exercising are crucial to fighting off weight gain, changes in these habits can only expand or shrink fat cells, not eliminate them. Liposuction, however, does take them out of the equation. By sucking away fat tissue, the procedure permanently rids the body of those particular fat cells, thereby reducing the storage space required to hold fat in the first place.

Combined with a balanced, healthful lifestyle, the benefits of liposuction can be permanent. To find out more about liposuction in the Boston area, call Dr. Christopher Davidson’s office at (781) 237-7700, or request a consultation online.

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