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End-of-Summer Skincare Treatments

Summer is starting to wrap up, with cooler temperatures right around the corner. Maybe you forgot to wear sunscreen a day or two on vacation, or maybe summer was just tough on your skin. Either way, we offer plenty of treatment options, thanks to the expertise of our skilled team. Here are some of our top recommendations for minimizing the damage left from summer:

  1. Clear + Brilliant®: This gentle, non-ablative laser treatment can address a variety of issues resulting from summer sun damage. It’s also simply a great option for creating a gorgeous glow. With Clear + Brilliant, multiple sessions are usually required in order to achieve optimal results, so it’s best to start soon if your objective is to look your best for the holiday season. We also offer a selection of other laser options. Some are more aggressive than others and require extended avoidance of sun exposure, which makes them good choices for the winter months, when we’re typically spending more time indoors.
  2. Brown Spot Treatment With CryoProbe™: This small pen-shaped tool allows us to freeze away dark spots with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring a comfortable, relatively quick experience. The spots will gradually fade and disappear over time, revealing fresh, new, healthy skin. Pair this treatment with Clear + Brilliant and you’ll be glowing!
  3. BOTOX® Cosmetic: In our Boston practice, this classic procedure can treat brow furrows and crow’s feet left over from summer squinting. As evidenced in these before-and-after photos, BOTOX can effectively ease the appearance of these lines, helping you jump into fall looking as refreshed as you feel. Results of the treatment last at least 3 months and can be received during the same appointment as treatments like the CryoProbe, for convenience and ease.

With decades of experience in cosmetic injectables and training from Harvard, Dr. Davidson is an expert in surgical and nonsurgical aesthetics. He will oversee all of the treatments listed above, and can also recommend additional or alternative treatments that may better achieve your aesthetic goals.

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